Yellowstone Valley Memorial Park

Yellowstone Valley Memorial Park was established by Michelotti-Sawyers Mortuary in the summer of 1998. It is our hope that we have created a place where families may find peace and comfort for generations to come.

We offer this pledge to the community of Billings and the surrounding area:

  • Maintenance will be second to none, just as we have maintained our mortuary facilities for 50 years.
  • Yellowstone Valley Memorial Park personnel will be thoughtful, considerate advisors-not pushy, aggressive sales people making unsolicited calls to your home.
  • You can reach us at any time, any day of the week. Feel free to call us at Yellowstone Valley, Michelotti-Sawyers Mortuary, or even our homes.
  • Yellowstone Valley Memorial Park is locally owned. We live here, too. Our responsibility is to you. Not the shareholders of a cemetery company.
  • Our perpetual care fund deposit will be 15% of the purchase price of all graves ensuring the lasting beauty of your property.
  • Yellowstone Valley Memorial Park will always be fully available to everyone in the Billings area, working with all area funeral homes.