Katie White

Katie Elizabeth White was born May 8, 1997, in Billings, to her loving parents Phil and Julie White. The birth of Katie completed their family of three girls. She would tag along with her sisters Haley and Megan wherever they went. There were countless hours spent playing outside in the pool with the neighbor kids and cousins. Birthday celebrations and holidays were a special time spent together. As they grew up, playtime turned into spending hours together drinking coffee, making meals together and hanging out.

Katie loved spending time hunting and fishing with Phil and his buddies. She would always come home with entertaining things she had learned. Katie’s parents were who she looked up to. She and Julie had an unbreakable bond that got them through difficult times. They were the best of friends.

From day one, Katie had a love of children. When she was 12, she was blessed with her little sister Charlotte. Charlotte idolized Katie. They had a special relationship that included their own inside jokes that no one else got. Her stepmother, Liz, used to say that Charlotte didn’t have one mother, she had four. Liz and Katie had a special relationship. Liz’s favorite times with “Squirt” were spent riding horses and all the long talks they would have while driving to various activities.

Katie was known as the fearless one. She was always up for anything. She was a natural athlete who loved to play sports. She had so much unrecognized potential. Katie also had a love of music. She knew every word to every song and had music playing constantly. Her friends dubbed her “Shady.” She was the ever-present comic relief and the life of the party. She made friends easily and kept a few of them close to her heart. No matter who you were, Katie loved you. She had a knack for making people feel special. No one was ever uncomfortable in her presence. She was known for her small acts of kindness. Her big heart made room for many pets through the years. Whether they were her own or loved ones’, they were a joy and a comfort to her. Katie had a hard work ethic and would always follow through. She was the first one offering to help, including putting everyone else first. Katie loved to laugh. Her beautiful smile, unique personality and loud, contagious laugh are what she will be remembered for.

Katie is survived by her parents Phil (Liz) and Julie; sisters Haley, Megan and Charlotte; and grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins across the country.

Katie’s funeral will be at 11 a.m. Monday, May 20, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Shepherd, with burial to follow at Shepherd Cemetery. There will be a celebration of life at the American Legion in Billings following the burial.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking donations to go to an animal shelter of your choice or The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yellowstone Valley, c/o St Vincent Healthcare Foundation, Attn: Kim Tripp, 1106 N. 30th Billings, MT 59101.

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