Janice Wilson

Janice Wilson

I was a survivor!

I died Friday, August 20, 2015 surrounded by family and friends.  I was 72 years old.

My parents John and Matti raised me in a very loving home.  I was lucky to have been the big sister.  While growing up my sister Judy and brother Jeff were a thorn in my side, but as we grew older we became not just siblings but friends.  As luck would have it we were all blessed with daughters.  It was a blessing to watch my daughters and my nieces grow up and become friends.

I met the love of my life, Rodger Wilson, my rock, my everything, in high school.  He was by my side until the end.  He added so much to my life. God truly blessed me through him. We built a home based in faith and love.  We were blessed with two daughters that became the center of our lives.  We’ve truly been together through richer and poorer, in sickness and in health.  This sustained us for 53 years.  This was my happily ever after.  Grace and love wins and love conquers all.

I was overjoyed to be the mom to two girls.  I enjoyed every moment!  I prayed for years for my girls to find amazing men to spend their lives with.  I am proud to say that I have two wonderful sons in law that bring joy to my life.  The happiness I see in my girls warms my heart.  My daughters gave me the most precious of all gifts when I became a nana to my 4 boys.  Samuel, Kaleb, Lukas, and Eli…you are the light of my life.  

I loved my life.  I loved listening to my grandkids talk and laugh.  I loved playing pinocle with my dear friends. I loved helping in my children’s classrooms when they were young.  I loved traveling the world with my husband.  I loved taking my grandsons to Disneyland! I loved taking my daughters and grandkids to the lake and on vacations.   I loved waking each day to have a cup of coffee and study the bible with my wonderful husband. I loved being creative wether it be painting, decorating, or quilting. I loved making quilts to send to Ethiopia.  I loved Sunday BBQ’s with all of my family. I loved celebrating Christmas in July with my family. I loved my grandchildren’s hugs.  I love that I could trust in God’s love.  I loved the warmth of the sun on my face.  I loved studying the Bible with all the studies I did through the years and the dear women I met through them.  I loved corn on the cob, gummy bears, Mild Duds, and Korean BBQ beef jerky.  I loved my friends!  I loved budding flowers and autumn leaves.  I loved the twinkle in my mom’s eye.  I loved serving God.  I loved watching my grandkids play sports.  I loved good memories.  I loved the aroma of coffee.  I loved the forgiveness of my sins. I loved knowing God is with us and we’ll never be alone. I loved the drugs prescribed that could help heal my pain.  I loved the doctors and nurses who cared for me over the years.

Cancer tried to destroy me in 1990.  I fought hard and won the battle for 25 years! I fought to see my girls marry the loves of their lives.  I fought to see my grandsons be born.  I fought to stay, so they had the time needed to get to know me. I fought every day to stay alive.

Cancer does not discriminate.  Cancer does not care who it takes or who it hurts.  It comes into your life and starts to break the thread that holds you and you are left to see pieces of yourself slip away.  My strength comes from my amazing friendships.  My Golden Girls have been there through good times and bad, through the laughter and the tears.  Our time together was always a time of refreshment, encouragement, and a reminder of frailty of life. We clung to each other!  

In the end the thief was defeated…it wasn’t cancer that took me!

I leave behind my husband Rodger Wilson. My daughter and her husband Kim and Richard Martin and their sons Kaleb and Lukas.  My daughter and her husband Pam and Jim Berry and their sons Samuel and Eli;  Mother, Matti Steiner; Sister, Judy Steiner and her daughter Brenna (Mike) Yarina and their children Maci and Tyler; Brother, Jeff and Cyndy Steiner and their daughters Amanda Steiner, and Malyssa (Matt) Meeker and their boys Logyn and Koltyn.  The Golden Girls – Bev Efinger and Lin Roscoe. Preceded in death by my father John V. Steiner and Golden Girl, Zena Wright Ensign.  I also leave behind many amazing friends.

Please join my family in celebrating my life on Wednesday, August 26th at 10:00am.  They will be at Word of Life church and need your support.  If you can’t come that day there will be a time to visit with them Tuesday night as well at Michelotti Sawyers from 6-7:30 PM.  There are a couple of organizations I cared dearly about and if you feel the desire to donate I hope you’d choose one of these.  One is Project Hopeful. Checks can be sent c/o Nancy Porter at 5432 Vardon Place, Billings, MT 59106, indicate in the memo section Ethiopia Sisterhood.  The other is YWAM Togo at University of the Nations, 75-5851 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, indicate Togo Africa in memo section.


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