Billie Becotte

Billie Becotte, 90, of Billings died Saturday, June 24, 2017, and has gone to be with her Lord and Savior after a long, rich and healthy life. Having been one of the healthiest individuals in her age group, she never was one with chronic disease. She, in consultation with God, determined her time had successfully concluded here on earth.

Billie lived a very full and exciting life. She and her husband (Dick Becotte) moved to the Billings area from Duluth, Minnesota, shortly after the conclusion of his service in WWII. Having very little, they began a construction business that became very successful, with many of the homes, multi-family units and commercial buildings still utilized in the Billings area. Later, they both began multiple business including Tru-Door,  Be-Rich Enterprises and Billings’ first set of storage units. During that time, Billie hammered the same nails, fingers, toes, and fell off the same roofs as her coworker and husband Dick.

One of her passions in life was golfing at YCC, where she was a member for many years. One other passion was a deep love and care for her family, and the children of other families as they moved next to her throughout the years. She definitely made a positive impact on other people’s lives. Most notable was not just the kindness and love she shared with her own grandchildren, but any other children living nearby she subcontracted as grandchildren, when her own grew up. Her greatest spiritual gift clearly was love, loyalty and protection.

Billie leaves behind a daughter, Michelle Becotte; and three grandchildren, Sam (Rachel) Ensign, Matt Ensign, and Nathaniel Becotte. Billie has been preceded in death by her parents, Bob and Marjarie Lind; husband Richard “Dick” Becotte; sister Bobbie Ostrum; brother Dickie Lind; and son Mike Becotte.

Services will be at 11 a.m. Friday, June 30, at Harvest Church, room H-11 downstairs. Please bring any pictures or cherished memories you may like to share.

So much thanks to the staff at St. Johns cottages. The kindness and love you show to tenants as well as their annoying family doesn’t go unnoticed. You are amazing and wonderful people. God bless and keep you.

Many thanks to Michelotti-Sawyers. Their guiding hand has been so very much appreciated in difficult circumstances.

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” — Shakespeare, A Midsummer’s night dream, Act 3, Scene 2.

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