Anny Birkholz

Anny Birkholz

Anny Birkholz, mother to Peter William Birkholz, passed away on Jan. 11, 2013, at Billings Clinic, after being transported there after a fall in her home in Lovell, Wyo.

Anny was born on Feb. 26, 1921, in a rural town in Bavaria, nestled in the Alps along the border of Germany and Austria. Growing up on a small farm instilled a love of nature and animals that never faded. She excelled in providing childcare and chose this as her life calling. Anny lived in Germany through many hardships.

After World War II ended, she decided to immigrate to the United States. While traveling hundreds of miles from home she found a kindred spirit making the long trek with her: William Fredrick Birkholz. After a short courtship, Anny and William were married on April 11, 1951, in Washington, D.C. They settled down to begin their new lives and marriage in Arlington, Va.

On Jan. 24, 1955, Anny gave birth to her only son: Peter William Birkholz. Anny, William and Peter left Arlington to return to Germany for a year, after which they returned to their home in Arlington. Anny and William lived in Arlington until they retired to Vermont. In 1979, her husband of 28 years, William Fredrick Birkholz, died. Not too many years after, she moved to West Jordan, Utah, to be near her son and daughter-in-law Peggy Birkholz and their growing family. Anny stayed near her family whenever she could and lived wherever they went.

As she got older, there was nothing she enjoyed more than spending time outside in her garden and spending time with her six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren: Clarissa (Heath) Day and their children Sage and Brody; Jacob Birkholz (Christen LeBlanc); Anny Birkholz; Zachary (Jeff) Birkholz-Wilkerson and their children Kera, Sean, Erin and Rowan; Elizabeth Birkholz (Ritch McCollum); and Emily Birkholz.

Anny was a strong, caring, loving, and persevering woman.

Our family would like to thank Jeffrey Birkholz-Wilkerson, Christen LeBlanc, Heath Day, Ritch McCollum, Suzy McDermot, and Richard and Linda Mayes for being loving friends to Anny.

She will be loved and missed by all that she touched in her nearly 92 years.

Anny’s memorial service has been held on Jan. 15, at Haskell Funeral Home in Lovell.

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