Marian Heinz

Marian Margaret Heinz was a first-generation American born to immigrant parents, Gustav Lindquist (Sweden) and Marie Kreuder (Germany), on July 3, 1926, in Chicago. After World War II, a friend arranged a blind date for her with Martin Heinz, Jr., who had recently served as a navigator in the Air Force. They married on May 10, 1947. In 1951, they moved to Norwood Park on the northwest side of Chicago and raised their family in houses that were built by her father who was a carpenter.

Marian was a quick learner and any task she took on, she did well. She was a talented seamstress and crafter and also tackled just about any home repair job around the house. She was a stubborn Swede with a tenacious spirit which did her well in her recovery from several bouts of cancer, a stroke and a hip replacement. She loved to shop and was an excellent finder of bargains. People who knew her joked that if you went shopping with her, you were wise to take your passport along, because you might find yourself in another state!

Marian moved to Billings in 1997 with her son, Marty. She died of cancer on Jan. 1, 2018, at Billings Clinic.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Mart; her parents; and her stillborn daughter, Debbie. She is survived by her son, Marty Heinz (Billings), Barb (Ron) Olle (West Chicago), and Marian Linda (Art) Eichlin (Billings); and her grandson, Daniel (Rebecca) Eichlin (Billings). Many thanks to her dear friend and neighbor, Jean Jarvis, who was an angel to her over the years she lived here.

Funeral services will be at 4 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 11, at Michelotti-Sawyers Mortuary, 1001 Alderson Ave. Burial will be in Chicago at a later date.

Memorials may be made to St. John’s Lutheran Ministries.

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