Bud Quier

‘Bud’ Robert Quier passed away fighting the ‘good fight’ on January 15, 2018 at 4:20 pm in Chandler, AZ, his ‘home away from home’. Bud was loved by so many and had several family members by his side. And with his wife holding his left hand and his daughter holding his right… once they let go to let him sleep, he felt safe to let go as well.
Bud was born May 6, 1940 in Bethlehem, PA, to Floyd Robert Quier and Gladys Irene Clouse Quier. ‘Buddy’ was an only child and was the pride and joy of his parents. During his childhood, Bud enjoyed running the streets with his friends and cousins, shooting BB guns, fishing, and getting into all sorts of ‘good’ trouble. He was a member of the Boy Scouts of America and earned his Eagle Scout Badge, something he was extremely proud of, and something that came in quite handy throughout his life. Bud graduated from Lehigh High School in Bethlehem in 1958 and enlisted into the Air Force the following year. Bud spent 20 years and one month in the Air Force, retiring as a Staff Sergeant in 1979. During his enlistment, Bud was stationed in Germany and Korea (oh the stories!), as well as various places throughout the United States. His favorite ‘home’ was Alaska, where he was able to feed his desire for the best hunting, fishing, and crabbing places an outdoorsman could possibly find. Bud loved sharing this love for the outdoors with his four boys and wife. His last station was in Colorado Springs, Co prior to moving north to Joliet, MT, where he helped farm 160 acres on his father-in-law’s farm.
Bud married Carol George in Pennsylvania in 1960 and soon welcomed their son Scott. Before long, their second son, Todd joined the family. Although the marriage didn’t last long, Bud loved those two boys so much he fought to keep them. And when Bud met the love of his life in Billings, MT in 1968, life changed. He married Lois Stender only one year later in 1969 and together with his two boys and her two (Rick and Terry), a new life began… and got more crowded… their daughter, Kris, arrived in 1972.
Bud had MANY interests throughout his lifetime, hobbies beyond hobbies, and was a serious jack of all trades. Bud ALWAYS had a way to make extra cash to support his family and didn’t give a second thought to getting a 4th or 5th job ON TOP of a full time job and two part times. No one could EVER say that man didn’t work. Besides the Air Force, Bud spent 10 years working his wife’s family farm, 20 years driving school and activity buses for Joliet Schools, 7 years as the Joliet mailman, and finally retired to live out the rest of his life making wine, smoking meat in his Traeger, traveling, and of course reloading shotgun shells. Bud loved spending the last 5 winters in Arizona with his wife and enjoying the time they got to spend with their son Rick, his wife Scarlett, and grandson Mason.
Bud’s gruff and awnry disposition was really just a cover for his big teddy bear heart. I know he left a lasting fuzzy impression on the hearts of many of the girls he drove bus for throughout the years with their teasing and back and forth smart alec comments. Bud lived for those moments!
As many hearts are hurting, he also left many of them broken. Lois, his wife of 48-1/2 years, his sons Scott Quier (Kimberly) of Newport News, Va; Todd Quier (Michele) of Roseburg, OR; Rick Miller (Scarlett) of Maricopa, AZ; Terry Miller (Sharon) of Billings, MT; and daughter Kris Blank of Missoula, MT. Bud had five grandsons, Matthew Quier of Newport News, Va; Mason Miller of Maricopa, AZ; Keith Miller and Cole Miller of Billings, MT; and Brady Blank of Missoula, MT; three granddaughters, Brittany (Mark) Wagner of Cameron, NC; Nicole (Jake) Gerritsen of Damascus, OR; and Jenna Blank of Missoula, MT.
Funeral services will be held Saturday, February 3rd at 10am at the Joliet Wesleyan Church in Joliet. Please come and help us celebrate Dad’s life, for he lived such a BIG one! If you wish to make a memorial, please do so in Dad’s name to the charity of your choice or to the Wesleyan Church of Joliet.

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